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House Cleaning

2 hr | A$80

Are you dreaming of never having to clean your home again? Ever? We can make it a reality.

Imagine the time you would save.

Time is something we all need more of and the team at VIP wants you to give you more time for you, your family and and all the important things in life!

Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or once off cleaning we are offer the highest level of service with a 100% VIP Satisfaction guarantee

Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

1 hr | A$50

Not just Carpets and Pests!

Our carpet cleaning services include:

House – Carpets, rugs, mattress and upholstery

Rental properties – end of lease carpet cleaning

Vehicle – seats and carpet

Caravans and motor homes – carpet and upholstery

Boats – carpet and upholstery

Insect screens & Security Screen

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Holiday & Air BnB Cleaning

2 hr | A$40

Our team operates rigorous quality management systems and consistently score well in unannounced quality audits and mystery guest programs. Highly trained staff ensure that our holiday units and houses are pristine, the consequence of which reduces wear to your home and the need for costly refurbishment.

We can also change and wash your linen for you.

We provide the highest level of client services and attention to detail.

BOND/Rental Exit Cleaning

1 hr | A$44

Are you moving out of your property and looking for professional bond cleaners? Did you spend hours scrubbing and cleaning the property but are still sceptical about the end results? Will you get your full bond money back or not? Dont want to get seperate quotes for Bond, carpet and Pest?

We have the solution for you. We find pride in showcasing our expertise in all our cleaning services and offer a 100% bond return guarantee!

Office & Commercial Cleaning

1 hr | A$44

Not sure what the cleaners actually do? You can’t communicate with them and the same things are always getting missed. We understand your Frustration.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Let our VIP team look after your work space for you!

Sales and Pre Inspection Cleaning

1 hr | A$55

Do you need post renovation cleaning services? Let us freshen up the building immediately so you can start moving in. We’re all you need now! After building or renovating homes all need a thorough cleaning to remove all the plaster dust, paint spots and glue residues which permeate the house. While the builder may do a reasonable job, our professional cleaners can do it better ensuring perfection before you refurbish or move in.

Let us look after your offices too!

Pressure Cleaning

1 hr | A$88

Pressure Cleaning services include the following;

Residential Buildings
Mould & Dirt Removal
Driveways & Concrete
Paving & Pathways
Outdoor Timber & Pergolas
Tiled Areas With Grout

Let us look after your offices too!

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